Parallel installation with an EMR Software

PeriData is a network program like the EMR software. Therefore, PeriData can be installed parallel to the patient record software and uses an own database. The database is sorted by the patient' s name. With the integrated search function, the patient is found quickly. Between PeriData and the patient record software, you toggle using the task switch. The parallel installation has advantages if there are large numbers of old visual field data when PeriData is installed the first time.

Step by step:

1. Installation of PeriData on each work station.

2. Connection of one work station with the perimeter.

3. Open new file.

4. Menu File / Save as / <select hard disk of the server > <select directory> <define a file name>

5. On the work station with the perimeter connection, make a link to this file (the PeriData database) and put this link into the AUTOSTART. When booted in the morning, this work station opens the file with PeriData automatically and obtains the write permission to store new data. All other work stations (with later file access) can read and display the data, but cannot change or resort. Nevertheless, the database is always updated on all work stations.

6. Toggle between the EMR software and PeriData using the task switch (CTRL + TAB) or a click on the task bar.

Alternative to item 5: The PeriData files (*.phf and *.phd) are put into a separate subdicrectory (this is always recommended). This subdirectory is shared. “all users„ get permission to “read„. The special user “perimetrist„ gets permission “read & change„. In the perimetry room, you always log in as “perimetrist„ (or another, defined name), and you will always have the privilege to change the PeriData files.