Quick Guide into the "ONEPAT" LINK MODE

Example of a CALL from the EMR software to PeriData

"C:\Program files\PeriData\PeriWin\periwin.exe" /MODE:ONEPAT /CLIENT:ABCSOFT /NAME:Orwell /FIRSTNAME:George /BORN:19841231 /FILE:\\Server01\Data\Peridatafiles\001423.PHF

Note: No blanks between parameter tags and double point: and parameter arguments.

"C:\Program files\PeriData\PeriWin\" is the program folder. You may also use the environmental variable %PERIDATAPROGDIR% (is set during install and is always correct)

periwin.exe is the program executable file

/MODE: always ONEPAT

/CLIENT: the EMR software name appears in the title of the PeriData program window

/NAME: the last name (family name). Note: no spaces allowed, _ as place holder, see detailed specifications (link at the page bottom)

/FIRSTNAME: the first name. Note: no spaces allowed

/BORN: the birthdate using ISO format = YYYYMMDD - PeriData will show the date in the individual setting of the "Date format (Display)" in the Options dialog

/FILE: Database file only for this one patient (complete path with extension PHF). If it is not existing, it will be created by PeriData. The filename should be UNIQUE, e.g. based on the patient ID. The directory should be a SEPARATE directory on the SERVER (full access allowed for "Everyone"). It should NEVER be in a program folder. Use short UNC paths

Example of a message file from PeriData >> EMR software (for each newly stored examination)

Filename: <data directory> PERI0001.mes

/INDICES: MD: -3.5 DB / FD: -40 % / PSD: 2.7 DB


Concerning the general principle of the PeriData Link Mode this is an instructive overview: Link Mode Principle

All details about the ONEPAT interface you will find here: ONEPAT Link Mode (detailed Specification)

The complete installation procedure (Perimeter, Program, Software Link) is well described here: All setup steps