PeriData - Changes version 3.6.0 > 3.7.0

New features

New Help Function: This help function is activated by F1, a click on the help buttons or a double click on visual field representations. It offers information about all program funtions and how to use them. And there are detailed explanations about the meaning of the numbers, colors and graphics.

Changes and improvements

Cable transmission of high data volume: The transfer of great data masses (complete hard disk contents) from an HFA1 or HFA2 was disturbed by interruptions. The routine has been worked over and is now much more stable.

Date Check: The check of the date of birth and the date of examination has been enforced. If the data are not plausible, there will be more notifications. This is a considerable improvement of data security.

Display windows allways up-to-date: If data are changed in the database (patient data, examination data), the display windows close, to avoid contradiction.

Oculus data processing improved: (Twinfield, Centerfield, Easyfield, Smartfield) The point position could differ up to 1 degree from original. Oculus uses a polar coordinate system, the recalculation to X/Y caused the problem. Solved by algorithm. In the Trend Analysis, the matching fields were not always found. The pattern code numbers had changed. Solved by recoding.

HFA normal values updated: The normal values of the Zeiss HFA Perimeter were updated. The deviation values (defect depth) are now in accordance with the instrument's printout, a few points may differ by 1dB because of rounding effects. Note: As before, the index MD in PeriData is calculated using the international standard formula (independant from instrument type) and may be different.

Blind spot symbol: The triangular symbol that marks the position, where the fixation check in the blind spot was performed, is now much better visible on print-outs.

Database routine: Several routines were changed to make it faster and more stable, especially in low-speed networks. 

Website Button: Now you need only 1 click to open our website. You will see interesting news. This is also the way to get informed about new updates. Just try it. It is only a click.


Correction glasses: It was possible that long correction glass data (e.g. -12.25 diopters) were truncated at the front and lost their sign. Now, very long data that does not fit into the data field is truncated at the end and keeps the data readable.


Windows XP: The new version is still running with Windows XP. The installation using the Setup-Exe is not possible. Instead, you can copy the program files from another computer. If you need support, call the hotline.