Complete installation step by step (Perimeter, Program, Software Link)

Information for IT specialists

Each EMR software is suitable for the connection with PeriData. Click to get a list of companies which have many years of experience with the connection. The connection EMR Software <--> PeriData is called LINK MODE. Click for details ! PeriData is installed at each workstation. Click for details ! The connection PeriData <--> Perimeter depends on the instrument. Click for details ! Most perimeters provide an export function to PeriData. Click to get a list of compatible instruments. PeriData always writes immediately into the database. There is no "save" command. The database files should always lay on the server in a separate folder. In the Link Mode, the EMR software defines the file path during the call. Click for details !

1. Create the database directory

2. Install the program

3. Connect the Perimeter and PeriData (only at the perimeter workstation)

4A. Connect the EMR software (with LINK MODE integration)

4B. Create a standard database (with single station or multi-station setup without Link Mode)

5. Setup the backup routine