How PeriData behaves during Link Mode

Start behavior (when started out of the EMR software)

Normal run: The PeriData program window opens, shows the patient's database window with ALL examinations of the particular patient and opens the SERIES window on the left side. The red selection fram is positioned on the last examination. When ENTER is pressed, the SINGLE window of this examination opens

Details and possible disturbances:

The PeriData program windows opens at once. -- If the call from the EMR software program is incomplete or wrong, PeriData is closed with a detailed error message.

PeriData opens the perimetric database of this particular patient and shows the database window. -- If the database file is missing (no examinations stored for this patient), the file is created automatically. The database is empty. If the database is neither found nor can be created, PeriData will close with a detailed error message. A possible reason may be a missing drive link to the server.

Name and date of birth are taken from the EMR software. -- If there are minor differences in the stored data, they are corrected automatically. If there are larger differences (e.g. change of name by marriage), the program asks for permission, thus checking for any error in the patient alignment (based on the number in the EMR software).

The SERIES window is opened automatically. The cursor (red frame) is on the last examination. The SINGLE window opens automatically.-- They do not open if the database is empty or a name mismatch was not resolved.

Behavior during data import

New examination data (received via cable or file) is always imported into the database of the active patient, even if additional databases are open.

If the patient's database was closed by accident, it will reopen automatically when new data is received.

The patient's name is corrected during import. If the option 'Check patient name' (Extra menu / Options / Tab General is enabled, permission is requested if there are major differences. If the answer is no, the data are stored to the Reserve Database.

The date of birth is always taken from the EMR software.

If the option 'Don't insert double tests' (Menu Extras / Options / Tab General) is enabled, identical tests are not inserted. A beep can be heard. Note: Existing double tests are not deleted. Use the function 'Delete double tests' (Extras menu) to remove them from the database.

For each received examination a message file is sent to the EMR software. Examinations that are taken over from another PeriData database (e.g. OldData, Reserve) via copy and paste will also trigger a message file.

Advantages of full integration:

1. Higher speed, because data file is small

2. Names are automatically compared and corrected.

3. Date of birth is automatically set.

4. A change by marriage is possible, because linked by the number (security dialog in such a case).

5. Automatic info line inside your medical record if supported by EMR software.

6. No patient search, no show button, the patientīs examinations are shown at once.

7. Higher safety: large files are much more vulnerable to FAT failure.


You have to copy old exams to the the matching patients. This has to be done only once, when the patient shows up the first time after starting your PeriData project. It takes less than 30 seconds. See handling of old data.