First Steps

A very nice animated introduction to PeriData is on our website

Open the sample database: Menu Info > Example data. The Database Window opens with a list of examinations. Double click on an examination: all examinations of this patient are selected and the visual field windows open. The Series Window on the left shows all visual fields, the Single Window on the right shows the last visual field with details. Click on an Image button and look what happens. Doubleclick on a visual field and the "Image Help" opens. Press the key F1 to get more help

Open your own database. Click on the left button in the upper toolbar. If grayed, switch Menu Extras > Options > ViewingMode > OFF. The new database is empty and has not yet a proper name but is called "NONAME1".Click on the Save as button and give the file a proper name, e.g. "Test1". Choose a suitable folder, e.g. the desktop. (more information about databases)

Connect the perimeter: The required steps depend on the type of instrument. Get information from the help item Perimeter Connection. When PeriData is ready for data transmission, one or several buttons are activated:

Send an examination: Start the send procedure at the perimeter (or the PC perimeter control program, respectively). If everything is correct, then the examination will appear in the database window.

EMR Software Integration: This is made by your EMR software specialist.

Order: Order the license during the demo period (40 days after the first installation)